Mohammed Karim
Operations & Training Consultant

Mohammed is an accomplished, results-oriented Water & Wastewater Treatment/distribution and collection Systems Engineer with twenty five years experience in the operations and maintenance of municipal wastewater treatment and collection systems, both in operations & supervision, including surface water supply treatment/operations/distribution/management, environmental health and safety management & solid and liquid waste management, and sewage plant processes include Activated Sludge, Extended Aeration, Rotating Biological Contactors/Trickling Filters and solids contact units. 

Mohammed has administered and supervised sewage plant design & constructions. He understands capital construction budget preparation and management, budgeting & financial reporting, cost containment, preparing contract documents, Industrial waste monitoring & sewer use by-law issues. He has organized landfill design reviews, small wastewater plant operations & maintenance of collection systems for First Nations communities, and has conducted operator training for provincial certification & coaching skills in a team environment.