Alex Vukosavlijevic
Senior Operations and Training Consultant

Alex Vukosavljevic has over 35 years of experience in the municipal water industry utility operation, performance management, energy optimization and training. As a Plant Manager with the City of Toronto, he has managed all aspects of operations, maintenance and special projects at Toronto Water. Alex directed the design phase and portion of the construction phase of the Horgan Plant Expansion Project, a $200M project that increased base capacity from 570 to 800 ML/d. He has also managed a comprehensive Toronto Water subject matter expert team for the Value Engineering component of the expansion project. 

With experience in quality control, production and distribution operations, and maintenance management, Alex has provided supervision at four production facilities and Central Pumping Control within Toronto Water. In addition, he has participated in Toronto Water’s emergency response teams, water quality investigation teams, process investigation teams, plant shutdown teams and other groups essential to maintaining water quality and service delivery.

Alex has also actively contributed and demonstrated leadership in the areas of training and development as a Training Advisory Committee member for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, a Water Quality Technician Advisory Committee member at Durham College, and has provided training, plant team building, process upgrades & enhancements, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System pilot project development and operating cost reductions at the Horgan Plant. As a peer reviewer, he has worked on training lesson plans and materials in support of the MOE’s Certificate Renewal Course (contracted to XCG) in 2008 and MOE’s OIT Training Program development project (contracted to XCG) in 2005. Currently a professor with Durham College, Alex teaches Instrumental Analysis and other courses in the Water Quality Technician Program.