Hydrogeology experts to meet all planning, operational and regulatory compliance needs

Hydrogeology is the science dealing with the occurrence and distribution of groundwater. Groundwater is a part of the hydrologic cycle and contributes to headwaters of creeks, stream baseflow, supports terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and is an invaluable resource for drinking water supply. For the sustainable extraction of this resource, whether for water supply, irrigation or construction purposes, management measures need to be undertaken with due understanding of the hydrologic cycle, the land use within watersheds and the groundwater-dependent natural ecosystems.

Environmental acts, regulations and policies on the sustainable extraction and use of groundwater have been maturing through collective efforts of major stakeholders, including municipalities, provincial and federal governments, the private sector, and universities. Furthermore, with continuous population growth and increased urbanization, the protection of this key resource is of prime consideration.

Cole Engineering has a team of experts in the fields of Hydrogeology, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science, to provide our clients with high-end services to meet all planning, operational and regulatory compliance needs. The team has worked with all levels of government and the private sector, both within Canada and internationally, and takes pride in providing solutions based on the principles of strong science, regulatory understanding and efficiency.

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