Superior Grain Elevators Building Condition Assessment

Project Details
  • Location
    Thunder Bay, ON
  • Project Contact
    • Robert McCollum
  • Client
    Infrastructure Ontario (IO)
  • Completion


Project Highlights

Cole Engineering was retained by Infrastructure Ontario (IO) to undertake a Building Condition Assessment (BCA) of the former Superior Grain Elevators facility (currently vacant) located at 1600 Ford Street South in the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The facility consisted of several structures including the primary Grain Elevator Building and Silo Complex, 5 independent secondary buildings, a tunnel system connecting the silos, and a wharf and docking facility. The methodology employed for completion of the Building Condition Assessment involved a two-pronged approach; a) a comprehensive structural condition investigation on site, and b) an overview of planning and environmental considerations associated with the property. The structural investigation involved a comprehensive visual assessment of the entire complex limited only by areas where imminent health and safety risks were present while the planning and environmental considerations associated with the property were achieved through a review of the City’s Official Plan documentation as well as consultation with relevant agencies.