Peterborough I&I elimination

Project Details
  • Location
    Peterborough, ON
  • Project Contact
    • Jonathan Edwards
  • Client
    City of Peterborough
  • Completion


Project Highlights

COLE was retained by the City of Peterborough to provide engineering services to eliminate Inflow and Infiltration sources in the sanitary system within the Downtown Core Area (DCA).

Phase 1 – Establish Existing ‘Baseline’ Conditions:
  • Collection of Background Information and Data Gap Analysis;
  • Preliminary Area Prioritization;
  • Baseline or Pre-Rehabilitation Flow Monitoring; and
  • Field Investigations.
Phase 2 – Preliminary Design;
Phase 3 – Detailed Design and Construction Administration; and,
Phase 4 – Post Rehabilitation Analysis.

The DCA is a complex urban catchment with multiple hydraulic and hydrologic interactions between overland flow paths, storm and sanitary sewer networks, groundwater and Jackson Creek. The field work activities involved include Flow and Rain Monitoring, Smoke and Pipe Testing, CCTV Investigation and Manhole and Pipe Inspection. The I/I rate to be reduced after repairing system ‘defects’ will be reported in an objective manner by accounting for different rain rates in different locations and times and the amount of ‘moisture’ in the drainage system at the start and during events.Upon completion of this project, it is estimated the City of Peterborough will see a minimum of 25% reduction in Inflow and Infiltration.