South Annex "Honest Ed's" Re-Development

Project Details
  • Location
    Toronto, ON
  • Tyson Wright, Project Lead
  • Client
    Westbank Projects Corporation
  • Completion


Project Highlights

Westbank Project Corp. is proposing to re-develop Mirvish Village into a vibrant mixed-use re-development. The site is located at the southwest corner of Bloor Street West and Bathurst in an area bounded by Bloor Street West to the north, the existing laneway between Markham Street and Palmerston Avenue to the west, Lennox Street to the south, and Bathurst Street to the east. The total proposed re-development, including the public laneway (Honest Ed Alley) and Markham Street, is 1.10 ha (of the total 1.48 ha) in size. The balance of the site, which amounts to approximately 0.29 ha is currently occupied by heritage buildings, which will remain unchanged and not undergo re-development except for the provision of brand new sanitary and water service connections for the existing heritage buildings (that meet the current servicing requirements of the Ontario Building Code). 

The propsed re-development will feature a range of building types, including mid-rise mixed-use residential buildings and a series of slender 'micro' towers. The proposed building heights range from nine (9) to 29 storeys. 

The proposed residential component of Mirvish Village will create over 1,000 new units; 100% of which will be purpose built rental. The propsal features a wide range of unit types, including live/work studios, art studios, as well as varied one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units. 

The Honest ed's corner and Mivish Village areas are iconic to the City of toronto and situated in a relatively low-rise but dense urban area with limited park space. Community input and feedback was a vital part of the design process. Blending the architectural design with the existing surroundings is also very important. 

The existing municipal road is proposed to be altered from a standard road cross-section. The non-typical cross-section will include a crossfall of 2.0% slope from east to west along Markham Street. A trench drain will be designed to capture rainfall and is conveyed through the existing municipal storm sewer. 

Underground pathways are also proposed to connect two (2) proposed buildings under a municipal right of way. COLE will provide our expertise as it relates to understanding the depth with existing municipal services and provide a general guideline on the vertical alignment of the pathway.