Cathedral Lands

Project Details
  • Location
    Markham, ON
  • Project Contact
    • Nik Mracic
  • Client
    Cathedral Landowners Group/Monarch Corporation
  • Completion


Project Highlights

Group Management / Cost Sharing
  • The Cathedral West Community of Markham sits on 231 ha of land surrounding the Cathedral of Transfiguration of Our Lord. It includes 3000 residential units and 60 ha of commercial and employment land;
  • Group Engineering included Cost Sharing Schedules updates and management of Servicing Allocation;
  • Administration of the Woodbine By-Pass Agreement between the Group, Region and Town which is financed by the eleven participating properties;and,
  • Conducted monthly Group meetings to update the Group and the Trustee on ongoing matters.
Detailed Design / Site Servicing

The Cathedral Community is situated between Woodbine Avenue and Highway 404, and north of Major Mackenzie Drive in the Town of Markham. The Cathedral Town Project is a 39.3ha subdivision that consists of 364 residential employment lands, as well as 2 parks and 2 school sites. For this project, COLE prepared:
  • Functional Servicing Report in support of the draft plan;
  • Detailed design to describe the manner in which external and internal lands will be serviced with roads, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermains and utilities;
  • Developed a Stormwater Management Plan; and,
  • Construction contract administration.
The Heritage-at-Victoria Square project consists of 492 residential unit subdivision, 5.7 ha of employment lands, and has a school site, a park and a stormwater management block.
  • The subdivision was designed to accommodate the Woodbine Avenue By-Pass.
  • Road improvements made to existing Elgin Mills Road and Woodbine Avenue.
  • Water analysis of pressure district 7.