Vision Zero Action Plans and Community Engagement

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Project Highlights

Cole Engineering Group Ltd. Transportation Team developed effective and targeted public engagement models too successfully synthesize input from public partners on matters of road safety, active transportation and collision prevention. These engagement processes produced focussed efforts in improving the Vision Zero aims, solutions and communication between road users and policy makers.

Vision Zero Hamilton
Cole Engineering was retained by the City of Hamilton to research and assess the needs and challenges of Hamilton residents as they travel throughout the Hamilton road network. Cole Engineering was tasked with creating, taking inventory of Vision Zero successes’ across North America and developing recommendations based on five (5) guiding principles (the 5 E’s). The 5 E’s were employed to organize and communicate Vision Zero Safety initiatives:

  • Evaluation – Identification of key challenges on Hamilton’s road network using a data driven approach;
  • Engineering – Strategic use of resources to improve existing engineering practices and policies, as they pertain to road safety;
  • Enforcement – Strategic use of enforcement resources in key areas for maximized effectiveness;
  • Education – Addressing safety for all road users through targeted and collaborative campaigns; and,
  • Engagement – Enhancing community engagement to create a safe roads culture.

Vision Zero Hamilton re-evaluates approaches to road safety, taking a holistic perspective to road safety whereby preventable collisions are viewed as a byproduct of a flawed system. Challenges related to effectively engaging the public and stakeholders, led to new innovations in delivering successful brainstorming sessions and workshops. This provided the project team with valuable insights into the motivations and expected results of Vision Zero from all participants. Applying Vision Zero within the Canadian Context is a step forward in innovative safety attitudes for all road users across all modes of transport. Due to the emerging processes and technologies surrounding Vision Zero, no two city-wide Vision Zero initiatives are similar. Inventive recommendations unique to the City of Hamilton were provided to meet the challenges faced by its residents.

Vision Zero Hamilton is step toward safer more livable communities in the GTHA, providing the groundwork for a long-term targets for reducing and eliminating fatalities on Hamilton roads.