Traffic Impact Studies

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Project Highlights

The Traffic Group at Cole Engineering is experienced in completing large scale multi-use traffic impact studies with long-term forecasts involving multiple clients and levels of government.

Block 40-47 TIS
Currently, the traffic team is involved in the Block 40 – 47 traffic impact study which involves 1271 detached homes, 163 condominium / townhouse units and 2450 m2. This project involves the development which falls within the Vellore Urban Village Area Secondary Plan, playing a key role in the development of the Municipality of Vaughan and Region of York. The Cole Team was tasked with identifying, confirming and recommending road improvements to accommodate traffic needs related the Block 40 – 47 proposed developments.

The project is currently under review and is slated for completion.

2464879 Ontario Inc. / Ultra Towns Inc.
Cole Engineering submitted a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the proposed development of 56 unit condominium within the City of Vaughan. The study was developed to determine the existing traffic volumes, future background traffic volumes and future traffic volumes which the site would generate. The site’s impact was then analysed and presented to the City of Vaughan for review.