Learning & Development

Water Balance Lunch and Learn hosted by the YPG.


Remaining competitive and successful in our industry requires commitment and drive to continuously learn and evolve. Recognizing the importance in supporting the ongoing development of our team members we are proud to share the active mentorship program… the Young Professional Group fondly referred to as the ‘YPG’. With an employee base that spans generations the wealth and depth of our team members knowledge and experience is something to not only brag about but from which to share and learn. The YPG supports YPs in order to advance their careers and foster a stronger community image in the workplace.

Colours of Personality

Communication is a key factor to ensuring a successful and well run company. With our rapid and continuous growth and to support personal enlightenment and team building, COLE has incorporated the ‘Colours’ training for all staff. This training ensures a fun, interactive, thought provoking and team building experience; an experience you will instinctively use on a regular basis in your day to day interactions at work but also, an experience you take home and share with family and friends.

Professional Development

Supporting the achievement of attaining an industry related professional designation and/or participating in industry related associations and memberships is important to the continuous growth of our team. Support mechanisms are in place such as mentorship and reimbursement programs.

Lunch ‘n Learns

Whether it be of personal interest subject such as Investment or Retirement Planning, Environmental, Health or industry related topics to mention a few, our regular Lunch ‘n Learns are very much appreciated and enjoyed. With the Lunch ‘n Learn calendar booked months in advance it is a testament of the benefit and enjoyment to our team.

Career Development Plan

COLE appreciates that employees together with their combined knowledge, skills and experience are our greatest asset. Consequently, we take seriously matters of continuing professional development and the opportunities that this opens up for the career progression. Setting and achieving goals is fundamental in developing a career path. We have established formal communication opportunities for staff to discuss their aspirations and achievements.The CDP ensures supervisors and the company understand your career aspirations so your project assignments can be directed to compliment your goals. When you succeed we succeed.