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The CISEC Program has become widely accepted in Ontario and endorsed as the gold standard for assuring control of erosion and sedimentation on development and construction projects. The CISEC Program is a training program administered by the non-profit organization CISEC Inc. (in Parker, Colorado) to recognize the abilities, skills, experience, and knowledge of inspectors who have demonstrated their proficiency in observing, inspecting and reporting on the implementation of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESC Plans). The CISEC designation is attained upon successful completion of a rigorous examination administered by the organization. As with many professional designations, CISEC requires continual professional development (at least 36 hours) and license renewal every three years, as well as adherence to the CISEC Code of Ethics.

The CISEC Program has become widely accepted in Ontario and endorsed as the gold standard for assuring control of erosion and sedimentation on development and construction projects by Regional Municipalities and the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Conservation Authorities, including the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), who administers the Canadian version of this highly respected program (launched in the spring of 2011).

Currently, CEG is retained by STRABAG Inc. to complete Erosion and Sediment Control monitoring as well as water quality sampling for the South-East Collector Tunnelling Project located throughout Markham and Pickering. The scope of work includes:
  • —         Daily inspections and reporting of erosion and sediment control at all site compounds and the soil disposal site (14 locations);
  • —         Daily in situ pH and turbidity measurements; and
  • —         Bi-weekly water quality sampling

We are very happy with the Erosion and Sediment Control inspection services that Cole Engineering has been providing for all of our South-East Collector Sewer compound sites. Both management and field staff are courteous and professional, and have taken care to meet our needs for this assignment.  In all cases the deliverables have been of excellent quality and have been provided in a timely manner. Their CISEC staff and detailed daily inspection reports assist us in proactively managing the natural environment on our project.  
Mr. Jeffrey Prime, Environmental Manager 
Strabag Inc.

The Importance of Erosion and Sediment Controls 

As a component of most construction projects, the removal of vegetation and the clearing of land are required. These activities often create environments where underlying soils are fully or partially exposed to various natural forces such as rain, flowing water, wind and gravity, which in turn increases the potential of sediment-laden water discharging to sensitive/regulated receptors (e.g. nearby watercourses). These discharges can have detrimental effects on aquatic wildlife and require control under applicable legislation (e.g. Federal Fisheries Act).

The ultimate goal of an inspector is to work with the contractor to reduce the amount of pollution leaving a construction site to the maximum extent practicable.

In addition to Erosion and Sediment Control monitoring services and assurance of ESC Plan implementation, CEG offers services in the Design of Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, where our designers and CISEC staff members consult on the most appropriate measures applicable to each site.