Assessment of the Water Sector in the Caribbean

Project Details
  • Location
  • Client
    Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)
  • Completion


Project Highlights

This project involved the identification of current water sector challenges facing 17 Borrowing Members Countries (BMCs) and the Caribbean Region as a whole in the context of financial opportunities for the CDB. The assessment included:
  1. Preparation of water sector profiles for each of the 17 BMCs, including an overview and analysis of existing policies, systems and practices in water resources management, and evaluation of the effectiveness of methods/tools to reduce water sector risks, including those associated with drought and the cyclical dry season;
  2. Evaluation of the role of regional institutions and financial agencies; and,
  3. Preliminary assessment of the CDB’s role and recommendations for expansion of their portfolio within the sector. Deliverables included Draft and Final Reports (600+ pages).