Protecting Ontario's Bat Population

Every June, biologists visit proposed development sites in the GTA to check if they’re home to bats. Ontario is home to eight species of bat, all of which are protected, and of those, four species are endangered. White-Nose Syndrome, the result of the introduction of a previously unknown species of fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructanshas played a significant part into the decline of the population.The fungus infects bats during hibernation and appears to cause a disease known as “white-nose syndrome” (WNS) so-called because affected bats often exhibit white fungus on their muzzle, wings and ears. Infected bats engage in abnormal hibernation behaviour which causes them to dehydrate and to use critical fat reserves prematurely during winter. Many affected bat colonies experience population declines of ≥ 95% within three years of WNS detection.  
Cole Engineering Biologists Chris Parent and Meredith Meeker were interviewed by Toronto Star Reporter Azzura Lalani while they worked to install devices for an acoustic survey on bats in Mississauga Valley Park. 

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